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  About My Replicas  

The originals of all of my painted pen and ink images were intentionally created to be made into inkjet replicas.

I have always loved to draw in pen and ink. Maybe it is because of my poor eyesight that I am very satisfied with the high contrast of black ink on white paper. Also, crosshatching lines for tonal variations is a slow process that gives me time to think, feel, and improvise as I work. This "slowing down process" is one of the reasons I am also an etching printmaker—–etching is also done very slowly.

When I first started selling replicas, they were only in black line, like the drawings, but so many clients asked for color versions that I eventually added color to the black ink replicas. These have been so popular that now I routinely add color, but I still conceive and create the art in black ink, crosshatched tonal drawings.

My first letter-sized color replicas were laser print copies. I used to drive the copy shop owners crazy to get the color I wanted. Now, with Photoshop and my own Epson inkjet printer I control the precise color of the replicas.

In a gallery setting my large replicas would probably be labeled "ORIGINAL GICLÉES" and be priced accordingly. I do not call my replicas "originals" because they are not, they are reproductions. I don't call my replicas giclees because that is a euphemism to make sound fancier than ink jet prints.

The 8½"x 11" letter-sized replicas are printed on quality 230 g/m2 paper with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks.

The large 13"x 19" replicas are printed on 300 g/m2 100% cotton, acid free, archival paper with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. The replicas are then sprayed with UV protection.

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